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About The Barry Farmer Morning Show 

The Barry Farmer Morning Show appeals to a diverse audience not only in the United States but worldwide. Our show is currently a one hour weekly show that airs live 10:30am to 11:30am  on Wednesday’s via 101.1 The FAM on We offer a variety of music, including Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B. Our conversation content focuses on small businesses nationwide, Independent artists, Nonprofits, inspirational stories and a host of other engaging topics. 

About 101.1 The FAM Digital Radio

101.1 The F.A.M. (Fashion, Art and Music) Radio Network operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. THE FAM provides adult urban content to their listeners such as classic old school and modern day  Hip Hop, R&B with clean lyrical content. THE FAM also offers their listeners Talk Shows with a variety of topics that peak our listeners interest. In our musical arsenal, we have some of the most innovative DJs and THE FAM consistently supports their musical genius on a daily basis on our platform. THE FAM station is a platform for unsigned artist to grow their Brands, have their music EPs in rotation and gain experience, for seasoned artists to continue to prosper and for businesses to have access to affordable advertising to grow their current ventures. 


The Barry Farmer Morning Show can be found on 101.1 THE FAMs platform (, iTunes Radio and the TuneIn App. Our current streaming figures are showing our listeners consistently come from 81 different countries. 

There are three ways we are monitored for listenership. Our streaming numbers are not recorded by us, but provided to us at the conclusion of each month by three separate entities listed. 

  • Stream Licensing, 

  • Shoutcast 

  • ASCAP 

Unique Listeners

 Monitored byStream Licensing. A listener is considered "unique" if no one else from that listener's IP address is connected to the station with the same user-agent string as the listener during the reporting period. Overall, this means the one IP address listened one time and not multiple. 

Total Sessions 

Monitored by Shoutcast. This service provides the total number of listener sessions, which includes the same IP address logged in multiple times for the reporting period.

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers(ASCAP

ASCAPis one of the companies that artists register with to collect publishing monies from radio and tv. Provides the number of "music sessions" (listeners) for the reporting period, as defined and required by ASCAP, an American music licensing authority. 

Note* Due to the nature of our global broadcasting, it can be difficult to fully research our audience. However, we have obtained the following information from listener questionnaires conducted over a 60 day period which concluded that 61% of our listeners are female and 39% are males. Our demo is from the ages of 21-44. From those questioned, we also achieved a 97% return and retention rate to our broadcasts. In short, as our audience continues to grow, we also retain a large proportion of listeners.

Our Goal

We at The Barry Farmer Morning Show understand advertising doesn’t fit into every businesses budget as it can be incredibly expensive, especially for small businesses. Our goal is to provide small businesses with affordable advertising that will allow their business and brands to gain exposure to our audience locally and nationally. We have priced our services to serve even the smallest of businesses. We (The Barry Farmer Morning Show) believe, small businesses should have access to affordable advertising to create longevity in their business venture,  with hopes to provide a successful future for their families as they originally hoped for when they decided to become entrepreneurs. 

At this time The Barry Farmer Morning Show is offering the following advertising packages below. Sharing a partnership with our show is a great opportunity to reach the masses in Virginia and nationally . Use our advertising services to grow your business locally and online. The possibilities are endless, increase your online traffic to your website and social media, even your store front could have potential to become a tourist destination from our listeners hearing about your services on our show. 

Currently Offering:

  • Sponsor Package (Presenting Sponsors)

  • Advertising Package 

  • On Air Broadcast Mention

  • Social Media Mention

  • Website Ad on

  • On Location Live Broadcast

  • Partnership Package 

  • Brand Ambassadorship

  • LifeStyle Blogazine Write Up

For Information on Pricing Contact:

Matthew Carter

Assistant Branding/Marketing Manager



Phone: 804-243-0731