Fun Things to do with your Foster Children


Fun things to do with your Foster Children. 

Becoming a Foster Parent not only gives you an opportunity to provide a safe home for children in need. It also is an opportunity to give your foster placements experiences. Giving children experiences in general is a fantastic way take their minds off of their current situation and gives our children knowledge of a world outside of their past and sometimes current environment. Your placements need to have more than full bellies and nice clothes, they need knowledge. A sense of direction in the world, a destination to places they have never been before. Below I’m going to supply you with a list of fun things you can do with your foster child! 

  1. Road Trips- Now, I know as Foster Parents you get permission before you take your placements ANYWHERE. So, be sure to get ask before leaving town with the children who are placed in your homes. That being said, pack your foster children up and visit other states! Some have never been outside of their own neighborhood block besides going to school and even at school they probably couldn’t afford to go on field trips. If possible book a semi-luxury hotel and order them room service, it will make them feel special, speaking from experience of course. 

2. Baking- What child doesn’t love sweets?! Teach your Foster children how to make delicious treats. Cakes and cookies to start then get more advance as they show interest. 

3. A trip to the Beach- Did you know most of our children in care have never seen the ocean? A fun day at the beach would be perfect for your foster child. Let them enjoy the waves, bury themselves in the sand and build their first sand castle! 

4. Go Karting- What child doesn’t like to pretend the can drive. Go karting is perfect! Let them have a few laps of freedom. 

5. Build an indoor Fort- Show your foster child how cool you are! Build a fort in their bedroom or the living room, heck even build one outside! Great way to help them use there imagination! And a bonus, ITS FREE!!! 

6. Go sledding- Do you have a lot of snow in your area? Get your foster child outside and go sledding! Again it’s FREE! 

7. Laser Tag- Nothing like a good work out running all a building in the dark! Plus it’s a good way to tire those kiddos out! 

8. Indoor Nerf war- This is one of my families favorites. Gather all the nerf guns and bullets and scream and run all over the house! 

9. Game Night- Have a Weekly night for you foster child to look forward to. Playing video games, board games or outdoor games. 

10. Visit New Restaurants- This idea is a must. Our children in care need to be exposed to different foods. Exposed to more healthy entrees from different cultures in a different setting other than a drive-thru or fast food line. Taken to places where they can practice using their etiquette and manners. Sitting down in a restaurant and ordering from a menu which many have never done. 

11. night at Theater- Take your Foster Child to see a play at the theatre. You never know, they may be inspired to become an entertainer of some sort. 

12. Go Fishing- Take time to enjoy nature. Fishing is a time for you to have great open and enlightening conversations with your Foster. You never know, you may even learn a thing or two. 

barry farmer