The Many Flavors of Justice


With the Richmond Children’s Business Fair 2019 right around the corner, I had the opportunity to chat with a few of the 73 “Youthpreneurs” that will be in attendance March 9th. 

Lifestyle Blogazine had a chance to catch up with JustIce , a 2nd grader with a lot of Flavor! Let me also mention that this Youthperneur is a brave Cystic Fibrosis Warrior! She serves the Richmond, Virginia area with 30 flavors of heaven on her mobile shaved ice/Ice cream Bus. Don’t worry there are Flavors for everyone to enjoy including Sugar free and Gluten free products. I’m most interested to try her White Hot Chocolate, that’s right WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE! I’ve never heard of such! 


Miss. Justice entrepreneur instincts began to kick in when she was recovering from a two month hospitalization due to a Cystic Fibrosis Episode. This particular hospital stay caused Justice to miss her very first field day at school and her classes ice cream party. It left her devastated. Justice may have been devastated but she was not defeated. Once Justice recovered her and her mother developed a business plan and that’s when JUST-ICE was born. Exactly one year later, after missing her very first field day, Justice pulled up onto the field with her own Ice Cream Bus ready to serve her school! Talk about perseverance. 


Here’s what else Justice had to say to Lifestyle Blogazine. 

What are some ways the public can help support cystic fibrosis? 

Ways to help support Cystic Fibrosis? The biggest way the public can help support cystic fibrosis is to not smoke around us. Cystic Fibrosis is an invisible disease meaning it’s hard to spot someone with Cystic Fibrosis.  This disease causes our lungs to clog up with mucus, and when people smokes it makes it that much harder for us to breath. 

As of today what are your Future plans for JustIce ?

Future plans for JustIce? I would love to have my own storefront adding more items to the menu and seeing more and more customers smiling from my business. 


What Product/Flavor is the best seller? 

Our best selling shaved ice flavor is really hard to say because there are so many flavors and we give people the option to mix everything up. My top flavor is Green Apple w/sour spray and sour patch kids. 

Signature flavors? 

A popular item on our menu is still unnamed but it is 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with Oreo cookies, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel syrup. 

Side Note: As far as the name I suggest “The Barry Blizzard”! I just want to throw that idea out there, no pressure. 



What are some challenges you face as a entrepreneur? 

Some challenges I face are always being social even when I don’t feel well, but I’m starting to see how much change I could make with using my voice.

What an amazing testimony of strength and determination. Meet Justice March 9th at the Richmond Children’s Business Fair the Location will be the Childrens Museum on Broad Street. I’ll be stopping by to grab my White Hot Chocolate and “Barry Blizzard” (wink wink).

Contact Information for JustIce below

FB: Love.Jam

IG: Love.Jam

Snapchat: LoveDotJam

Yelp: JustIce search shaved ice

YouTube: LoveJam 



Telephone to book: Call or text 804-878-2725

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