Downward Dog Studio

Listen, I’m far from being in the best shape, but I do have friends in healthy places. So anytime I’m ready to get my life together and workout I can, ok? Sure, I’d love to be ripped with muscles and a nice chiseled face. But the sugar cravings are just too strong guys! Hi my name is Barry and I’m addicted to carbs.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle can be extremely difficult for some, including myself. It takes a lot of will power to stay on a healthy path. I’ve seen friends transform their entire lives successfully, so seeing them gives me hope and inspiration. Which brings me to Downward Dog Studio. Located in the south side of Richmond, Virginia. It’s tucked away just off of Forest Hill Avenue. It’s owned and operated by Virginia Crenshaw. I was able to catch up with Virginia so she could explain the purpose of Downward Dog Studio and what it has to offer within the community.


Tell me about how Downwards Dogs Mission

Downward Dog's mission is to provide quality and affordable dance and yoga class to the children and families of Richmond VA and surrounding communities.

What have been the highs and lows of your entrepreneur journey?

So many. Entreprenuership is like a real life roller coaster. It involves a lot of risk. There is not an expected direct deposit or sick days. You have to be super disciplined. You have to save when you need to save and spend money when maybe you don't want to. You have to hire people and fire people. You have to cover for people when they don't show. I am also running  a few other businesses  so that responsibility now feels like it has tripled. But this is a season of my life. It will not be like this forever. It is important to me to visualize and see the future and how I want it shaped.

What has been your best experience so far in this venture?

Providing jobs for other teachers. Putting food on their table because of the risks I take. Hearing parents say things like, "I wanted a place like this when I was little." Hearing someone who has never done yoga, leave and say, "This place is cool." The small things matter the most to me.

What services do you currently offer?


We offer dance, yoga and workshops for children and families. We offer everything from power vinyasa yoga in the evening to children's yoga in the afternoon. We have teachers who teach very gentle yoga and teachers who teach high powered dance classes. We also rent out our space quite frequently and have really great workshops.

What are the future plans for Downward Dog?

We just obtained licensing for a full day care for ages 5-12. We are excited about that because Downward Dog is truly a community center. We are not just a yoga or dance studio.

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