Supporting Our Friends


I’ve known Glynis for about sixteen years now. That’s about half my life come to think of it. I consider her one of my mother figures in my life. On occasion we get together for lunch and catch up, talk about life, share theories on how we can live a more fulfilled life, full of positivity and adventure. I credit Glynis for my love of poetry, she’s also one the individuals that inspires me to be a blogger. Our paths crossed while I was in high school, I had to be about seventeen at the time. Glynis had just taken over the after school program where I had been volunteer for a few years. I wasn’t happy at first because I built a friendship with the previous supervisor, plus change is hard for me in general. As time went on I realized I enjoyed talking to her, picking her brain, gaining all the insight to adulthood I could as I was on the cusps of being on my own. Glynis was right on time in my life, I needed to know how to find my own peace within my life which was in such turmoil, emotionally. Turns out she knew exactly how I was feeling as she had lived those same feelings.

A few weeks ago Glynis and I met up for lunch. Fun fact, I love having meals with friends, face to face interactions are extremely important to me. So much can be shared and accomplished during a face to face meeting than by phone or social media. So friends give me a call so we can set up a meal together!



Back to our lunch. It had been a year or two since we had actually seen each other so there was a lot to catch up on. We did our usual conversations that talked about our negatives turning into positives, how we need to talk more etc. During our lunch Glynis mentioned she was being recognized by English Department at her school during Black History Month. She invited me to come if I didn’t have any plans. The day of the ceremony was unexpectedly busy for me. It left me completely exhausted but I still had plans of going to the ceremony. I spent the rest of the afternoon contemplating whether I should go or not. On top of that Glynis’s ceremony was in the heart of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), parking is hell on earth there. Let me add, it would probably be beneficial for them to add a course on how to cross the damn street because clearly those folk have no concept on how it is properly done. I always risk turning some random college student into a new speed bump when I have to go near that university.


After much mental deliberation, I convinced myself that I should be there for my friend. I decided to take my baby along for the ride. As usual finding a place to park was a nightmare and the parking signs were confusing, so I was extremely worried that my car would get towed! But I pressed on. After finally arriving at the venue Glynis was the first face I saw. I could tell she was surprised I had shown up to the ceremony, I sent a text earlier saying don’t be surprised if you don’t see me. Yet there I stood right beside my friend, ready to cheer her on in her moment of greatness. Her best friend Sonya was there for support as well, Glynis’s husband was back at “Hughes Manor”, as I call it, resting up from the flu. I’m glad I could be there to do my usual scream of celebration as they called her name and to take photos to document this accomplishment.

If possible, never miss a chance to celebrate your friends. Be the proud face they see when they look into the crowd. Uplift your friends no matter how much time may have past. Do small things that let them know you’re always there. That’s what friends ore for, right?

Congratulations Glynis

Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies

Black History in the Making, Honoree

Glynis pre ceremony  

Glynis pre ceremony  

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