Jennifer Elliot Talks about Your CBD Store, Surrogacy and FosterCare

Jennifer Elliot and Barry Farmer

Jennifer Elliot and Barry Farmer

 Basically, I’m a people person and I’ve definitely came across some interesting individuals, Jennifer Elliott is at the Top of the list as “Most interesting”. I’d describe her as a free spirit, risk taker and driven! Her ideas are endless. I’m so excited to share her with you all. There’s is so much to unpack in this article, I love it! Good thing it will all be beneficial. I visited my friend Jennifer at one of her newest ventures called Your CBD Store so she could further educate me on CBD and it’s benefits on for our bodies. We also talked about her numerous business ventures, being a foster parent and surrogate mother. How does she have the time for it all?! I have no idea. I’m exhausted just from hearing about it all. 


 Being a foster parent, what is the most difficult challenge you have faced?

Hmm, it is so hard being a foster parent. You have no part in molding them into the sweet beings they are. When I first started I didn't understand anything. I got in my feelings a lot. Like, why are they yelling at me? I'm just trying to help (haha). Over the years, I've learned that I can't really parent the teens. I just have to guide them and show them that we are here for them if they fall. I would rather them fall and have us to pick them up than for them to turn 18, run full speed out the door and fall flat on their face with no one around to help. So far all the kids who have come to our home still come and visit us even after they've grown up and moved on. For some reason we became known as the teen foster parents. They are so hard but it's so rewarding!


 What challenges have you faced doing Surrogacy ?

I've always had easy deliveries. My OBGYN says she has never seen anything like it and says I don't have pain receptors in my uterus (haha). I delivered twins even, with no pain medicine naturally. I think I've had 10 babies total, including my three. Currently, I'm in the process of doing this one more time but we are going through some testings for the biological parents. Fingers crossed the test comes back that they are able to pull more eggs and create more embryos. That’s the hardest part is not having a magic button that says yes this transfer will work! There's a lot of factors.

You have such an amazing entrepreneur spirit. Tell us more about the services you offer.

I've never been one to like to be told what to do (haha)! That's why I started my own companies. Starting your own business is scary because you just never know if it will be a success or not. The real estate company is referral only right now, I don't do any advertising. If I need to do more business there I'll advertise. The limo company is hard because I don't have an actual office. I run it from my home but I'm the only pink limo around so when you see it, you know it's me! I originally bought the limo for the family. I wanted the kids to get excited to go out! It was our ice cream ride. When we started getting recorded and photos taken I said, wow I need to make money off of this! I talked to my dad who is close to getting ready to retire and he quit his job to be my driver. It was an easy decision, he has driven a taxi in NYC for 20 years and a box truck here in VA for 10, so this is what he does.


When I bought the limo it was a Pepto bismol pink, and I had it repainted hot pink. I'm loud and colorful and thought it was so perfect!! Now, I am starting a CBD store because CBD has helped my family and I want to help others, it's a miracle worker. The opportunity arose and I just took a leap!That would be the advice take the risk. Plan and prepare, but mainly follow your heart because if you do your passion, it has no choice but to succeed. In the end you will have a happy life and tons of spiritual success which will spill out into mental success, physical success and overall health success.


 What made you decide to open a CBD store in RVA?

Barry at The CBD Store trying products.

Barry at The CBD Store trying products.

I opened a store because it isn't around our area really, and CBD from industrial hemp has been somewhat demonized for being related to the marijuana plant. I tried it, my kids and even my cat use it and I have seen first hand the benefits we get from it. My store offers top quality products like oils, water soluble, gummies, honey sticks, bath bombs, vape, pain cream and a pet line.


 What are some misconceptions the public has about CBD that you would like to clarify?

CBD comes from industrial hemp and is very low in THC (which is what makes you feel “high”) it comes from Cannabis, just like marijuana does, but our products have 0% THC. CBD allows you to take advantage of the health benefits without the “high”. Our bodies have an endocannibinoid system with receptors that respond to cannibinoids produced by the body (Yes! Our bodies produce cannabinoids), and also responds to cannabinoids like the phytocannabinoid (plant based), cannabidiol (CBD) that we get from industrial hemp. CBD provides benefits for so many things within your body since it travels through your body and hits these receptors, ranging from pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, digestion issues, sleep disorders, migraines, and even more serious things like cancer, epilepsy and Parkinson's, and backed by the World Health Organization.

What an amazing person. If you’re ever in the area make sure you stop by and visit YOUR CBD STORE, or schedule yourself a ride in the hot pink limo! To visit their website click the link below.


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