Dre’s Art creates Magic


 A few weeks ago I attended the Richmond Children’s Business Fair at the Children’s Museum of Richmond. There, I met dozens of talented, ambitious young men and women. I crossed paths with a young man by the name of Dre of Dre’s Art. He was very eager to tell about his business. With such compassion and conviction I could tell Dre was “All In” when it came to his business. Dre creates customize apparel, hats, jackets, sneakers the kid does it all. Dre tells us the mission of his business is to inspire other children to chase there dreams! To show them it’s never to early to start doing something you love and share it with the world.

As a teenager, I actually was able to dabble in my own designs. Finding ways to recreate my very worn clothing since I was not able to purchase new clothing because of financial hardships. Buying fabric paint and stitch glue combined with my will to be creative and make the best of my situation I was able to create myself a new wardrobe. Meeting Dre brought back so any memories for me, and it was refreshing! To see a child, a young man even, so passionate about his art he was able to turn it into a business. It’s quite obvious Dre loves doing the art in multiple ways on the apparel items, but let it be known his favorite is hand painting the item because he can get so creative!


How did he come up with his business name? When Dre was young starting out his mother read an article to him about how to properly name a business. The article talked about being direct with exactly what you do. After reading the inspiring article, Dre named his business entirely on his own.

Here’s what else Dre has to tell us. 

As a young entrepreneur, what challenges have faced so far.

The number one challenge I’ve faced being a young entrepreneur is people taking me serious. When people see me behind my booth they chuckle a little. I take my business seriously and learn about how to properly run a business but most importantly I actually CARE. I juggle school and business by putting school first! My mom always told me that school is my number one priority! Sports and my business come after! This order of operation has worked for me so far and I hope to carry it on for years.


What are the greatest highlights in your journey to date?

My two biggest highlights so far is being able to walk into the store and buy myself something expensive I wanted and to do a photo shoot for my business. Of course I dream of becoming as big as Gucci or other big brands one day but being on the green screen and taking photos was such a surreal experience. It made me feel like I was one step closer to accomplishing my goals.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration for my business is my mother. She has taught me so much about business! She teaches me to find inspiration from everything around me and that is a skill that can translate into so many things in life.


What are the future plans for Dre’s Art?

My future goals/ plans for Dre’s Art are to grow the brand as big as other fashion names. I’d love to walk down the street and see multiple people wearing something from the Dre’s Art collection. I’d love to be on the red carpet! Most importantly though, I’d love to inspire another child to chase there dream! If I can just touch one child’s life I’ll be satisfied.

What products does Dre’s Art offer?

Dre’s Art sells pretty much any apparel item. I had to change it to “apparel and gear” because I got into book bags and purses. My future goal is to offer shoes. I follow a local artist and a few online that do shoes and I’m truly inspired. Right now I’m just a sponge but when the time is right I will put out some shoes. Another future goal is to pair with a clothing designer. I’d love to take Dre’s Art to an even more custom level by having a designer actually make my items that I customize.


Follow Dre’s Art on Instagram  @drearttt

barry farmer