From Boys to Kings & Gents


Before I committed to wearing black shirts and jeans everyday I used to love to put on my “Sunday’s Best”. I would dress to impress, even a shirt with shoes to match. Nothing builds your confidence like a fresh suit with accessories. Speaking of accessories I recently had a chat with thirteen year old Jabez and twelve year old Christopher, they are the designers and owners of Kings & Gents Accessories. These remarkable young men are full of ambition ready to take of the world of fashion with their bow tie line.


Jabez and Christopher started sewing pillows with their mom when they were only 5 and 3. Soon after, they became curious while their mom was sewing and would reach up to touch the machine. The boys mother safely educated the two boys on how to use her sewing machine. Jabez and Christopher recall recall their letting them sit on her lap, pressing the reverse button and the foot pedal with their foot.

Seems these young men were eager to learn. Here’s what else Jabez and Christopher has to say about their lives as Entrepreneurs.

What is the mission for you Business?

(Jabez) Our goal is to give young boys a polished look and that's why our motto is: “Being a Gentlemen is allowed".

How did you choose the name of you Business and what’s the meaning behind it?

(Jabez) When I was 9 years old I asked my mom could I use the leftover scraps of fabric from the pillows we used to help her sew and make 30 bow ties for boys and 30 hair bows for girls for Career day. When I took the bow ties and hair bows back to school I sold out within minutes. When I sold out so quickly I thought to myself that I could be successful in real life and I asked my mom my could she take me to Atlanta to sell bow ties and Kings and Gents Accessories was born.

When choosing and creating your bow tie designs do you make the final decisions as a team or individually?

(Christopher) Yes, we both choose the fabrics and create the designs for our bow ties.

What challenges have you guys faced as entrepreneurs? How do you juggle school, extra curricular activities and your business?

(Jabez)Our biggest challenge, in the past, has been when we selected fabrics that were discontinued: which means that particular fabric will no longer be available once it’s all sold out and the bow tie we make with that fabric will be limited and won’t ever come back in stock. So now we make sure before we buy fabric that the pattern we like won’t be out of stock any time soon.

(Christopher) After school we sew and cut for an hour or sometimes we have to go to the fabric store to choose fabric for a project we're working on. And when we're playing sports we plan our business events around our sports schedule.

Tell us about your biggest highlights so far as entrepreneur.

(Jabez) We were nominated for the Hottest Kidpreneur Category at the ATL Hottest Awards in 2018 and because we followed our dreams we were the only kid designers at the 2018 Fall Atlanta International Fashion week. In February 2019 we were first prize winners in the Sunny D "Show Your Bold" contest.


What inspires your creativity?

(Jabez) We use our own creativity when designing our bow ties so our designs are unique and original from others. Our bow ties are very classy and unique because they’re made by boys, for boys. We use different colors, patterns, and also the season that we’re in to inspire our fabric choices. So in the winter or fall seasons we use darker fabrics, also textures like velvet and denim. In spring and summer seasons we use lighter colored fabrics such as teal, blue, white, and yellow. If someone has hired us to do their wedding, we would use their wedding colors inspire our fabric choices.


What are the future goals and plans for Kings and Gents?

(Christopher) We see ourselves in the boys department at Macy's and we would like to expand into men’s bow ties also.

Tell us more about the other products you offer. What do you hope to offer in the future, if anything?

(Jabez) We hand-paint some of our bow ties. We have our own wooden buttons that we sew on our bow ties. We even make wooden cufflinks with our logo on them. We are also adding socks to our line. In the future we would like to go to China to design our own dress shoes and sneakers for boys.

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